Day 948: ShootOut

Posted: 2013/06/15 in Indie Games

Do you hate getting your ass handed to you in online FPS gameplay? Sure, we all do. What you need is an first-person shooter (FPS) trainer.

I passed on Milkstone’s “Firing Range”, but decided to review the much-improved “Firing Range 2”. Well, “ShootOut” brings nicer graphics (IMO), and other improvements for 80 Microsoft Points. If the Firing Range games weren’t quite what you were looking for in an FPS trainer, or if you’re ready for an improved alternative for another 80 Microsoft Points, then this is your game.

This is no static shooting gallery, you can (and, in fact, must) walk around looking for targets. That’s the most obvious upgrade, but not the only one. There are guns to unlock, tonnes of difficulty levels, and a large assortment of maps. There is gameplay here of a sort, with score attack options that let you shoot for higher scores with each attempt, which gives you an incentive to practice your console FPS schools.

It’s from the developer of the (un-reviewed) UnBound, and I believe it’s their best Xbox Live Indie Game effort yet.

Here’s what the developer (monufrak1) has to say about the game:

“Take up arms and shoot the targets! ShootOut is a 3D FPS, where players shoot their way through firing ranges in attempts to get a new high score, best time, or better accuracy. Featuring over 15 levels spanning various locations, 6 guns to master, weapon challenges, secret items to find, tons of medals to earn and unlock, and a great soundtrack makes ShootOut a must have for all FPS players.”


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