Day 950: The 4th Wall

Posted: 2013/06/17 in Indie Games

As much an art project as it it is a game, the “The 4th Wall” is creepy as all heck. It’s worth a download if for no other reason than it is undeniably unique in the Xbox Live Indie Games catalogue (and apparently an upgraded re-release of an old PC title, with new Xbox-specific content). There’s gameplay of a sort, puzzling through clues to figure out how to progress to the next area. But really, the reason to play it is the bizarre ideas and creep-tastic elements. Bigger cave inside a smaller cave? Check. Bleeding worm? Check? Creepy eyeballs? Check. Tonnes more creepy stuff? Check.

It’s different, it’s creepy, and it’s cool. 80 MSP for something that really has to be experienced to be believed, or even explained.

Here’s what the developer (GZ Storm) has to say about the game:

“What lies beyond The 4th Wall?”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    Wow…BIZ-ARR gAmE here. But interesting and fun. I thought I was having a flash back…..very controlled flash back but still the same. I tripped out when I fell to my death then on rebirth there was like a police outline. Going to be buying this one to see if I can get through this craziness.

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