Day 952: Let’s Learn Japanese: Deluxe

Posted: 2013/06/19 in Indie Games

[Note: I am not the commentator in the video, I just liked his educational approach to discussing the game.]

Waaaaaay back, on Day 13 (yes 939 days ago!) I reviewed “Let’s Learn Japanese: Beginner”, a basic but good Japanese language learning tool. “Let’s Learn Japanese: Deluxe” (by “GZ Storm”, developer of “Vidiot Game” and “The 4th Wall”) is a dramatically improved version. It’s still only 80 Microsoft Points, and with the inclusion the game sounding the words for you (among other enhancements) it’s an unmissable buy for those who liked the first version… unless you’ve become fluent in the years since I first reviewed it. If you’re newly looking for a language learning tool, this is *the* one to get on the Xbox.

Here’s what the developer (GZ Storm) has to say about the game:

“Let’s Learn Japanese: Deluxe is a language learning game that helps teach Japanese. Learn Hiragana and Katakana, Kanji, and 1700+ common words using Quiz, Flashcard, and Review mode. It also includes spoken pronunciation and stroke order!”


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