Day 953: Twenty Twelve

Posted: 2013/06/20 in Indie Games

I’m very glad the mayan prophecies of doom in 2012 were either wrong, or misinterpreted by people, as it allows me to play this game a year later in 2013. And what a game! “Twenty Twelve” is nothing short of a what Epyx classic “Impossible Mission” might have evolved into had it continued to evolve. You are moving from room to room, exploring, solving puzzles, and dealing with robots, just like “Impossible Mission”, but instead of having to avoid/destroy the robots you instead get to control them! The trick is to find the abilities to control them, then move to the room where that particular type of control would be useful. And it’s 80 Microsoft Points of excellence.

Here’s what the developer (SugarPillStudios) has to say about the game:

“While discrediting the apocalyptic Mayan prophecy, Serena Silva discovers a Mayan temple filled with ancient stone robots protecting a prophecy of their own. She’ll need to orchestrate the animalistic abilities within these ancient robots: peacock turns, rabbit jumps, dingo digs, and jaguar dashes, to uncover the temple’s secret in this physics-based puzzle platformer.”


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