Day 955: Ultimate Dodgeball

Posted: 2013/06/22 in Indie Games

Still possibly the most expensive game in the XBLIG catalogue, “”ダウンタウン激凸ドッジボール!” (Downtown SMASH Dodgeball)” is nonetheless a good game of dodgeball. But what if you want something with a modern, 3D take on dodgeball? What if you want online play? What if you’d prefer to pay 80 Microsoft Points instead of the 800 that Downtown SMASH commands?

If any of those things describe you, then I’d like to direct you to “Ultimate Dodgeball”. It has local, system link, and online multiplayer. It has that 3D thing that all the li’l chill’uns are talking about. Being 3D it can display the playing service from multiple angles, and it all comes together relatively well. Worth a look for fans of dodgeball games.

Here’s what the developer (K-dog) has to say about the game:

“Play 4 on 4 Dodgeball with your own avatar, or as captain of an avatar team. Perform flaming cartwheel throws, mid-air spikes and spinning backhands while dodging and catching your opponent’s attacks. Challenge friends online in traditional Elimination or Deathmatch, or compete against 8 computer teams in the single player or coop Tournament mode.”


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