Day 957: Bit Digger

Posted: 2013/06/24 in Indie Games

This is a game that imagines what Minecraft might have looked like if it had been created right after “Marble Madness” was released. “Bit Digger” is an isometric, voxel-based construction kit. The focus here is a little bit like building things with dominoes: half the fun is setting them up, and the other half of the fun is knocking them down. Similarly, “Bit Digger” focuses on creating things, and then blowing them up with TNT, etc. There’s an interesting photo mode (that lets you zoom out to see huge constructions) that’s kind of neat too, with the ability to share photos of your creations. An interesting 80 Microsoft experiment that’s definitely worth download for those who love creating cities in SimCity, then setting a monster upon them.

Here’s what the developer (Ali Rawashdeh) has to say about the game:

“Play as Dougal McTaggart, an intrepid adventurer caught up in a magical world of cubes! Place over 50 block types including TNT, Ladders, Water, Lava and Sheep! Take in-game photos and show them off to your friends in the gallery, and let your imagination take over in this ultimate block-building game!”

I am not much of the typical voxel fan. Bit digger certainly gives the Voxel based games a different look. From an isometric view, you play as Dougal McTaggart, who can create tall buildings, mountains of ice and flatlands. The game is simple, no survival here. The concept is just to create, which is what I like. I also enjoy blowing stuff up, so the TNT played a big roll in my enjoyment. There is also a neat option to take pictures of your structures, which I found really great for sharing in case you just want to destroy your structures and build a bunch of new ones. Besides the isometric view, it is accompanied with an retro-bit visual. Simple yet straight to the point. The soundtrack has a nice little chiptunage, this made me smile, because, chiptunes. Altogether Bit Digger gets a 4 out of 5. The game is a little something to get use to, so explore the controls.

  1. kitetarrant says:

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    This game looks like it’ll be awesome, especially if it’s as low-performance as it looks.

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