Day 958: Them Blockz

Posted: 2013/06/25 in Indie Games

Looking for a puzzle game with soothing music, yet gameplay that gets fiendishly challenging on later levels? “Them Blockz” has got both of those.

You play as a block that attaches to other coloured blocks, which you must then move into a proper receptacle to get rid of. If you don’t, you’re stuck with it until you do. If that coloured block comes into direct contact with another, it’ll get stuck to the formation (Katamari-style). The proceedings start off easily enough, but the difficulty ramps up forcing you to restart levels many times (and there’s an easier way to do it than is shown in the video, just hit “Y”).

It’s different than what I’ve played before, and “Them Blockz”f is worth 80 Microsoft Points for someone looking for something new.

Here’s what the developer (GLHF Games) has to say about the game:

“In this game you can complete 42 levels. The game works in a way that blocks stick to the player, basicly limiting the movement of the player. Later on you have to use the same blocks to gain usage of otherwise useless blocks.”


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