Day 959: ENGO

Posted: 2013/06/26 in Indie Games

I enjoy twin-stick shooters, and I enjoyed the 4 player combat of games like “Fusion Frenzy”. “ENGO” (or “[engo]” according to the box art and the game’s official description) blends the two beautifully. And it leads to some interesting gaming.

You have the ability to win matches two ways: focus on avoiding/defeating environmental elements, collecting stars like crazy, or focus on defeating opposing players (who, if defeated, drop a star that’s worth a lot more). Or a mix of the two, of course.

The game looks beautiful, easily better than XBLA games from the early days of the Xbox 360’s life (I think of “Assault Heroes” for example). “ENGO” offers six different arenas and great controls. No local multiplayer, likely due to the size of the arenas making split-screen impractical, but I think most XBLIG players prefer singleplayer experiences anyway. Definitely worth a download, especially since the game offers multiple ways to approach victory.

Here’s what the developer (t0my) has to say about the game:

“[engo] is an overhead twinstick shooter Grab the maximum of stars in 5 minutes 6 arenas, each arena has its own configuration which influences greatly the gameplay 6 weapons which you can collect on the map, each weapon has its own capacity Bonus are also present on the map such as missiles, mines,… Be careful, all of them are not good to take”


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