Day 961: Geriatrix – Zombie City

Posted: 2013/06/28 in Indie Games

Continuing with the zombie theme, I decided to check out “Geriatrix – Zombie City”. You play as a Vietnam veteran, who finds your sleepy retirement community overrun by zombies. You haven’t forgotten all the tricks you learned in ‘Nam, though, so you grab a gun and start taking care of business.

The game’s presentation is consistently attractive and strong. It’s split between 2D side-scrolling shooting stages, and top-down Frogger-esque stages where you dodge cars. Both types of stages have you facing the same challenge: overcoming your geriatric state. In the side-scrolling stages, you must periodically grab your oxygen inhaler to rebuild your stamina. In the top-down stages, dodging the cars is made more difficult due to your advanced age and the fact that you’re neither as fast or as nimble as you (presumably) once were before.

It doesn’t introduce tonnes of new features, but there are some nice touches (such as when you shoot a skateboarding zombie, only to have their upper body blown off but their lower body continue on). It’s a fun game that’s definitely worth checking out for a mere 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Pixel Junkie Games) has to say about the game:

“The apocalypse is here! City streets around your retirement village lie in ruin while zombies run amok! Only you… an 82 year-old ex-vietnam war-veteran with alzheimers and a heart condition is able to put a stop to the undead’s reign of terror. Try not to soil your pants!”


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