Day 962: Infinite Doodle

Posted: 2013/06/29 in Indie Games

I’m going to stray briefly into “app” territory here, as I talk about “Infinite Doodle”.

This is a drawing programme with an interesting hook: you can zoom in infinitely, which is not only kind of cool but gets around the imprecision of a gamepad as a drawing tool. The app also has lots of pre-created shapes and other tools to help you draw. “Infinite Doodle” does a commendable job of getting around the biggest challenges an app like this has, and has some moody music to complement the creation process. Probably something that the artistic among us would enjoy playing around with, as well as parents who want to offer an art programme on their Xbox that costs only 80 Microsoft Points and doesn’t require any special hardware.

Here’s what the developer (Smudged Cat Games) has to say about the game:

“Let your creativity loose with a doodle pad of infinite depth. Zoom into your drawing to create an increasingly detailed picture as you scribble, doodle and stamp in a world of physics defying infiniteness.”


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