Day 965: Bingo

Posted: 2013/07/02 in Indie Games

I have fond memories of playing bingo with my grandparents at the Luxton Fair as a child. “Bingo” brought back a lot of those memories. I’ve always enjoyed the game, and your ability to enjoy this indie game will directly correspond with your ability to enjoy real life bingo. Hate real life bingo? You’ll probably hate this. Love real life bingo? You might well enjoy this.

Then there’s the camp that says that computer gambling games (whether poker, bingo, etc.) suck because you’re not risking actual money. To that I say, come again? I don’t *want* to risk actual money, I want to only risk fake money! I’m happy not losing money, thank you very much. I’ve enjoyed computer gambling games back to the Intellivision, where Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack was the “pack-in game” (remember those?), and never felt that I’d rather be losing real money instead. Similarly, I don’t get frustrated with first-person shooters because I’m not getting shot at for real. Go figure, eh? But there is definitely a constituency that only feels any actual excitement when they’re risking money (and, I’m guessing, there are likely people who are bored by racing games because if they skid out they don’t actually die in a fiery crash). This game is for the rest of us. And those of us who also like bingo.

This 80 Microsoft Point effort comes to us from “Utopioneer Games”, best known for their “Hack This Game” series, as well as “Code Breaker”, “Spanish 101”, “German 101”, “Vocabulary Builder”, and (the super unusual) “Call Me”.

Here’s what the developer (Utopioneer Games 2) has to say about the game:

“Bingo! Play with up to 4 people and with up to 10 cards each.”


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