Day 966: Battle High 2

Posted: 2013/07/03 in Indie Games

“Battle High: San Bruno” was a classic 2D fighter in the vein of Street Fighter 2 (pick any one of the 37 or so versions of it that were released, which is an exaggeration but doesn’t feel like one). “Battle High 2” is an improved sequel that has more of a narrative, and more characters, among other improvements. If you loved the original, this is worth a purchase for another 80 Microsoft Points. If you haven’t tried the original, this is the definitive version and I’d go straight to this one. If you thought the original was only so-so, you can probably give this a miss… but then why are you reading this anyway? :P

Here’s what the developer (Mattrified) has to say about the game:

“Sequel to Battle High: Elemental Revolt, this thrilling fighter introduces 5 new characters, new music and stages, new challenges, and awesome voice-acting! Play as one of 12 fierce students (and one secretive faculty member) as they face-off in the tough halls of San Bruno High for the Elementally Advanced and discover the secret behind the mysterious illness stripping students of their powers!”


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