Day 967: Voxel Runner

Posted: 2013/07/04 in Indie Games

The developers behind “Voxel Runner” want you to know that it’s “Chick Approved”, so they’ve put it right on their box art. And why not? Despite the fact that I’m the longest-running, continually updated Xbox Live Indie Games site, “Indie Gamer Chick” reportedly gets more hits than any other XBLIG site. Though what baby chickens and indie games have to do with each other, I must admit I don’t get.

Back to “Voxel Runner”, it’s a side-scrolling forced runner with a “Lawnmower Man”-esque motif (or Tron-esque perhaps?… nah, let’s go with “Lawnmower Man”, that’s about as nerdy a reference as you’ll get).

I’m told it’s inspired in part by some game I’ve never heard of, with a name that makes it sound like it’s a file-sharing client. I also imagine it’s a bit like “The Impossible Game”, if you added some “Pitfall!”-style rope swinging, and some dance-move-ish floor sliding to it that is. I imagine that, I say, because I’m not allowed to purchase The Impossible Game. It’s always on the dang top selling charts every time I check! And here I am with a mandate to plumb the indie games catalogue for hidden gems. I enjoy Voxel Runner, it looks good and plays well and costs 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Petiephant) has to say about the game:

“Learn quick. Think fast. Run, jump, slide, block, leap, sprint, swing and smash your way through 30 challenging levels. Can you reach the end?”


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