Day 969: “Undead Empire: Hellfire”

Posted: 2013/07/06 in Indie Games

Did you like “Undead Empire”? Hey, me too! We’re like game-loving siblings, or something!

“Undead Empire: Hellfire” doesn’t mess with the formula too much. Your weapons still either use ammo or elemental power, which (as I noted in my original review) is kind of neat. There are more weapons to choose from this time, around. Online leaderboards return, as does the survival mode. And there are 15 entirely new levels for the campaign mode, too. Online play is still here, letting you co-op your way through the game. There’s more of a story here too, for those who care about such things in a game about shooting the undead that is. Characters still have unique elements, making them more than just a simple sprite swap.

Well worth 80 Microsoft Points for new levels and weapons alone, for fans of the first game.

Here’s what the developer (BigRookGames) has to say about the game:

“The invasion has returned, and you won’t survive on your own! Hellfire is the followup to the top rated and first online multiplayer zombie shooter. 4 players can join to blast away at a seemingly unending swarm of zombies, with new weapons, turrets, and much more. This co-op action survival-horror shooter also includes a robust story mode, a brutal survival mode, and online scoreboards!”


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