Day 974: All Fives Dominos v1

Posted: 2013/07/11 in Indie Games

This game is as advertised. “All Fives Dominos v1” is five variants of dominoes, with online play, and nice presentation. And, also, version 1 from this developer. So, as I say, as advertised.

What is going to be controversial in some quarters, and in my opinion shouldn’t be, is the price. It’s 400 Microsoft Points. The crowd gasps. But isn’t only 240 Microsoft Points? And isn’t only *80* MSP? Well, yes. But I refuse to turn my back on a good indie game just because some other game is lower/higher in price. It’s great when someone wants to offer something fantastic for a cheap price, but since when does every developer have to practically give away the creation they’ve laboured on for months, or even years? Maybe it’s a factor of having been gaming since the late ’70s, but I remember paying $20, $40, $60, you name it, for games far simpler than this. If something’s well crafted and enjoyable, and cheaper than more expensive and less impressive XBLA games, then I’m game.

Here’s what the developer (Browebs) has to say about the game:

“All fives game of Dominos with all the correct rules of play.”


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