Day 979: Zombie Racer

Posted: 2013/07/16 in Indie Games

Reminding me a bit of “4 Wheel Thunder”, but with the additions of zombies as a track menace, machine guns to attack said zombies (and other racers), and the necessity to pull off big jumps to fill your boost gauge, “Zombie Racer” is hitting all the right notes for 80 Microsoft Points.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come that we can get visuals this good in an indie game. It comes from DennisMac, though, who released the “Figure 8 Racing”, “All Out of Bubblegum!”, and “Raptor Resort” (all of which I enjoyed). “Zombie Racer” is one of the most technically impressive releases from the developer yet, and worth a download for vehicular combat racers (which has fallen on hard times, but was a big genre once) for 80 Microsoft Points. Both solo play, and local split-screen multiplayer for up to four players, are supported.

As an aside one of the things I love about indie games is that it gives a home to once-popular genres that no longer command $60 a pop from the major publishers, and are therefore utterly ignored by them. I also like that it opens up opportunity for indie developers to reach out to fans of these self-same once-popular genres, as those players are presumably still looking for good games in those genres.

Here’s what the developer (DennisMac) has to say about the game:

“Run and gun zombies in this frantic 4 player racing game. Recharge you nitro boost by slaying zombies to finish first on 8 insane tracks!”


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