Day 980: Killa Hurtz

Posted: 2013/07/17 in Indie Games

I was a big fan of Re-Volt (which I played on the Dreamcast, but was available for a variety of systems in the mid-to-late-’90s). I played the heck out of that game in solo play. I later went on to play it extensively on the Xbox. “On the Xbox?”, you ask? It was released on the Xbox? Well, no, it wasn’t, but it was included in a beta form for the first two waves of Xbox Live beta testers. I managed to acquire several discs, and a few people on my friends list who liked playing it, and we played it nightly well past the end of the beta period. One sad day Microsoft finally turned off matching for the Xbox version, which was unfortunate as it rendered the discs useless as the Xbox version was online-only. In both cases, though, I loved the game.

“Killa Hurtz” is unabashedly inspired by Re-Volt, but I’m OK with that as the tracks are all new, and the controls are very tight. If I had a complaint, it’s that the sound effects are not the most impressive, definitely less impressive than I’ve heard in other DennisMac games (BTW, this is from the developer of “Figure 8 Racing”, “All Out of Bubblegum!”, “Raptor Resort”, and yesterday’s “Zombie Racer”).

There are some really nice touches to “Killa Hurtz”. If you get hit by a bottle rocket, or other explosive device, the plastic cover may blow off the top of your RC car, leaving just the metal chassis behind. There’s a track editor, allowing you to make insane tracks and then race them against AI opponents. You have broad camera control, including the ability to zoom waaaaaaay out if you want to see the course around you. You even have the ability to “lean” (forward, back, left, or right) into the jumps, to compensate for jumps that are going a bit askew. The poor sound effects are mostly made up for by nice looking pre-supplied tracks. For only 80 Microsoft Points, this is absolutely worth a download for fans of 3D

Here’s what the developer (DennisMac) has to say about the game:

“Race your rc car against AI opponents armed with an assortment of weapons. Race on one of five detailed courses or create a custom course.”

  1. Yeah, I remember leaving you in the dust every night on that game back in the day. – TheRock

    • I remember our races a little differently, Cameron, but I certainly remember playing with you (and The Good Twin) in Re-Volt a few hundred times. I only wish all the levels from the Dreamcast version had been ported over to the Xbox. And that the Xbox version was, you know, actually ever released!

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