Day 983: The Wall

Posted: 2013/07/20 in Indie Games

Reminding me more of “Beachhead” than “Missile Command” “The Wall” has you defending a wall against hordes of attackers. No tower defence game, this is old school arcade turret action.

There’s a shop to buy upgrades to your defences from, too, which is a nice touch (and, of course, you have to shoot enemies like crazy to earn upgrades… what are these survivors doing forcing their defenders to deal with hordes of zombies before giving them the good stuff to defend them with?!). If I had one criticism, it is that the difficulty ramps up more slowly than the upgrades accrue, but maybe that’s just because I’m just that good? Nah, not likely. Yes it’s a fundamentally shallow game, but not in bad way: it’s great for just zoning out as you get “in the zone” taking out enemy after enemy just on reflex. 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (darkgatestudios) has to say about the game:

“The wall is all that stands between the last of the human race and the zombie onslaught. Defend the wall with your turret and buy defenses to keep them from breaking it down. They will never stop and they will grow in number. How long can you last?”


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