Day 984: ShootOut Reloaded

Posted: 2013/07/21 in Indie Games

I liked “ShootOut”, a first-person shooter trainer (for those of us who routinely get our asses handed to us in online matches and could use some skills practice) that added some much-appreciated gameplay in the form of score attack challenges. “ShootOut Reloaded” is now out (well, out months ago, what with the fact that I’m digging for gems that have dropped off the Dashboard) and it has amped up that gameplay with the addition of challenges for specific weapons, new score attack missions, and fifteen new levels in total. Other new gameplay elements include new medals to earn and collectibles to find. Finally, more info is now provided on your exploits as well, meaning it’s not only more enjoyable but also more useful as a training tool. “ShootOut Reloaded” is teetering dangerously close to becoming an actual game, and has done so without losing its strength as a training tool. A great effort for 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (monufrak1) has to say about the game:

“ShootOut returns with over 15 new levels, including 10 new Score Attack levels and new Weapon Challenges for each gun. An improved targeting system now tracks Bullseyes and Headshots, allowing for high scoring combos. ShootOut Reloaded features tons of new medals to unlock, secret items to collect, extensive stat tracking, and a new expanded soundtrack.”


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