Day 986: Gem Chaser

Posted: 2013/07/23 in Indie Games

Visually this reminded me a lot of classic puzzle/collect-’em-up/platform hybrids such as Jumpman, Lock ‘N Chase, etc. (might as well name drop a couple of games so early’80s that 90% of those reading will have no idea what I’m talking about unless they hit Wikipedia), but with a small does of neon added. Gameplay-wise, it’s got a neat trick up its sleeve. “Gem Chaser” has you collecting gems, but you can only collect them if they’re the same colour as you. So if you find yourself needing to collect something and you’re the wrong colour, you must pass through a colour-infusing (I guess?) beam of light that will correct the situation. Larger levels will have you repeatedly changing colour in order to “collect ’em all”.

It’s hitting all the right nostalgia notes for someone who grew up on Impossible Mission, Jumpman Jr., Miner 2049er, Apple Cider Spider, etc., (seriously, I can name-drop obscure 8-bit computer platformers and collect-’em-ups from the early ’80s all day long), but I believe the gameplay holds up on its own.

Here’s what the developer (karl90) has to say about the game:

“Simply collect the coloured gems to match your colour – then change your colour to collect the others – Simple – but amazingly Challenging – With 70 levels to beat.”


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