Day 987: Rise of the Ravager

Posted: 2013/07/24 in Indie Games

Playing a bit like Bust-A-Move meets Missile Command meets a rhythm game meets Ikaruga… or something like that… “Rise of the Ravager” is a heck of a good time.

You are tasked with saving the world from the end times, by seeking the favour of the ancients against a god who desires to be reborn. It plays a bit like a rhythm game in its pacing, but instead of just hitting a button at the right time you have to hit a button to change colour and then shoot at the correct enemy. Multiplayer lets up to four players shoot every colour under the sun, letting each player simply aim at the correct enemy with little need to change colours. It’s fast paced, attractive, and fun, and well worth 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Gentleman Squid Studio) has to say about the game:

“A God desires to be reborn, an event that would signal the End of Time. In Rise of the Ravager, seek favor from the Old Ones to prevent His avatar from destroying all. Play alone, or invite 3 friends to blast hordes of enemies utilizing a unique combat system based on color. Large boss fights, multiple landscapes, unfolding mythology – preventing the End of Time becomes an entertaining challenge.”


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