Day 988: Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!

Posted: 2013/07/25 in Indie Games

I enjoyed “The Wall”, which reminded me a little of playing Beachhead on the Commodore 64. But it was missing multiplayer. “Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!” takes the same basic gameplay, but adds local multiplayer, and with graphics that looked a little as if they’d been reimagined by the developer of Machiavelli’s Ascent (and did I really review that 984 games ago?!).

The gameplay will be compared to “Missile Command” by some, but unfairly in my opinion as Missile Command is all about saving your scarce ammo, whereas “Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!” is all about throwing a lot of lead around (though be warned, your weapon can and will overheat and will leave you vulnerable until it cools down). Also, in contrast to “Missile Command”, “Faster, Robot! Kill! Kill!” offers more enemy variety, faster enemies, enemies of varying size (including some that are dramatically larger), and (I’d argue) more satisfying gameplay. Oh, and it offers dubstep, and all the good/bad that comes with that, depending on your opinion on the subject.

As for the title? It’s a reference to “a 1960s ‘sexploitation’ film”.

Controls and animations are smooth, and the game has enjoyed a price drop from 240 MSP at launch down to 80 Microsoft Points at present. Absolutely worth a download if you’ve enjoyed games in this genre before.

Here’s what the developer (Reactor5) has to say about the game:

“In this fast action infinite shooter, four turrets seeking thrills encounter a young horde in the desert. After dispatching their infantry, they begin scheming on a crippled old mollusk, reputedly hiding a tidy sum of cash. They become houseguests of the mollusk, not realizing the old mollusk has a few sinister intentions of his own.”

  1. andregurov says:

    I had trouble with Rise of the Ravager due to the difficulty seeming to be set for multiple players, and – to borrow Regis’ autobiography – I’m Only One Man! How does this measure up? Is it do-able for a single player? It does have a catchy title.

    • I found it was, yes. YMMV however, so I’d recommend trying the free trial. And yes, full marks to the developer for riffing on a relatively obscure B-movie from about fourty years ago in coming up with the title for their game!

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