Day 989: Death Goat

Posted: 2013/07/26 in Indie Games

Conventional wisdom of how to improve a twin-stick shooter is to add RPG elements, and multiplayer, and professionally created graphics. “Death Goat” is thumbing their nose in that direction, bringing an unapologetically singleplayer experience with a hard rock soundtrack and hand drawn animation that looks a bit like something out of Adult Swim.

There are three sizeable maps to explore. There are characters with, well, a lot of character! And there are some interesting unlockables (including a pretty kick-ass tank) that reward people who replay the game enough to earn them. This is one 240 Microsoft Point game that’s well, well worth it.

Here’s what the developer (Nocturnal Studio) has to say about the game:

“Death Goat is a bloody twin-stick shooter featuring hordes of brutal enemies & eardrum destroying Heavy Metal. Featuring the music of Between The Buried And Me, God Forbid, Holy Grail, Vanisher, Konkeror, Immortal Guardian, Lorelei and Ovid’s Withering.”


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