Day 990: Undead Legions

Posted: 2013/07/27 in Indie Games

About a year ago I reviewed “Battlepaths”, which I very much liked. That same developer has unleashed “Undead Legions” upon the world. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, so this is for the die-hard zombie dual-stick shooter, or for the person who hasn’t played one for a while, but it’s a great 80 Microsoft Point effort either way.

The game is all about the special attacks, and the four different characters (with varying specials each). Things like traps you can lay down tactically in the hopes of a zombie wandering into one, for example. These are further modified by a suite of power-ups that modify either you, or your weapons.

Hey, if major gaming websites have to review a new Halo, Call of Duty, and Battlefield game, plus associated spinoffs, plus also-ran FPSs who wish they were as big as those three, I can review several quality twin-stick shooters each year. See if I don’t!

Oh, and bonus points for the game’s backstory that has previously-slain people rising up from the dead to exact vengeance on the “heroes” that first killed.

Here’s what the developer (Key17 Games) has to say about the game:

“Top-down twin-stick undead smashing. Play with one of four different characters, single-player or in co-op with up to four players. Use magic, place traps, launch devastating starfire bombs, power up your hero, and be prepared for challenging boss fights.”


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