Day 995: Edgeland

Posted: 2013/08/01 in Indie Games

Ah, punisher platformers. Some love them, some hate them. Your feelings about them will largely colour your initial reaction to learning “Edgeland” (with it’s semi-official “Trials of a lost circle” subtitle, which appears in the description but not the name on the Dashboard) is a punisher.

And it’s a good one, and one that has been receiving post-release updates (adding more checkpoints to address game difficulty concerns). In it you race through the level, dodging dangers, and it all works similarly to most punishers.

Like the genre itself, the game’s controls (heavily intertia-based) are also a love-it or hate-it thing. I absolutely *loved* “Hover Strike” on the Jaguar with its inertia-based hovercraft controls. I remember reading reviews at the time that criticised it, and the fact that the terrain could damage you if you slammed into it hard. Really? It’s bad to design a game that suggests you could damage a vehicle by smashing it into a hillside at speed?

If you’ve hated every punisher you’ve ever played, move on. If you’ve enjoyed several (“Death Closet”, “Aban Hawkins & the 1000 SPIKES”, the “PLATFORMANCE” games, and “Super Ninja Warrior Extreme” come to mind, amongst so many more), then this is definitely worth a download. 80 Microsoft Points if you choose to keep it. Just don’t blame me if you die early and often as you slowly work out the safest routes through the levels.

Here’s what the developer (Take Five) has to say about the game:

“”Edgeland: Trials of a lost circle” is a fast-paced, quick reflex platform game where you have to travel through the dangerous Edgeland to get back home to Circlia before it all goes square-shaped.”


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