Day 996: Hack This Game Collection

Posted: 2013/08/02 in Indie Games

Utopioneer Games (now with enough titles in the marketplace that they’ve hit the limit of allowable released titles and had to purchase a second account from Microsoft, “Utopioneer Games 2”, to release games from) has dropped another title on the marketplace. Well, they’ve done so long enough ago that the game has fallen off the Dashboard, so here we are taking a look at it.

You may know “Utopioneer Games” from games like “Spanish 101”, “German 101”, “Vocabulary Builder”, (the super unusual) “Call Me”, “Bingo”, and (the most recently reviewed) “Word Search”. You may also know them for the “Hack This Game” series which did some innovative things (such as putting the avatar of the first person to beat the game on the game’s cover art… a neat touch.

Those four games are all still individually available for 80 Microsoft Points apiece, but now you can get them as a 240 Microsoft Point bundle called the “Hack This Game Collection”. If you haven’t tried the series yet, this download this one first; if you like it, it’s less expensive than purchasing them individually. Better yet, it’s the definitive edition with 20 new puzzles to “hack” through in “Mastermind”-style gameplay. I’m a fan, and recommend it.

Here’s what the developer (Utopioneer Games 2) has to say about the game:

“The Hack This Game Collection includes all 4 games from the HTG series. This pack also includes a set of 20 bonus challenge puzzles.”


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