Five days to review 1000

Posted: 2013/08/02 in Indie Games

We’re five days away from my 1000th consecutive indie game review. I remember telling myself I probably wouldn’t get past 400. I speculated at other thresholds I almost certainly wouldn’t pass. The one I was more sure I wouldn’t pass was 999 (so much so, that my post template is named Day 999… because I was sure I would never get there, and it was easy to remember, especially for an old school Leiji Matsumoto fan like me.

I can’t quite believe I’m here. After all, there *weren’t* 1000 Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIGs) worth purchasing when I started. Heck, I think there barely were even 1000 released XBLIGs at that time (the grand total was around 1200 I think then). It’s been nearly three years since I began, and in that time a tonne of great new indie games have been released, with the overall level of quality steadily increasing as well as the quantity. There are still some stinkers to be sure, but the signal to noise ratio has increased.

It’ll be interesting to see how that transitions to the new consoles, as details on indie publishing on the Xbox One and the PS4 are still being firmed up. I personally expect I’ll be getting an Xbox One, as I own a huge catalogue of TV shows and movies purchased through Xbox Video, as well as a small quantity of music purchased through the Xbox Music service. I like a lot of franchises associated with the Xbox such as Halo (Microsoft-owned) and Gears of War (Microsoft-published), and I’m a sucker for mech games so Titanfall is interesting to me. I also have a substantial number of Microsoft Points (all due to the transferred to Microsoft’s new currency system with the next Dashboard update, apparently). I actually would have preferred the Xbox One in its original (more DRM-equipped) incarnation because I buy all my games digitally now (with Halo 4 I waited for the Games on Demand version before getting it, ditto with Gears of War: Judgement). The idea of sharing my digital content with people appealed, and the ability to resell used disc-based games appealed not at all, but I understand why Microsoft had to backpedal from their bold vision. But the best reason to get an Xbox One for me is the multiple HDMI ports, I actually think I’ll use and enjoy passing my cable box through the Xbox One so that I can change which device I’m using with my voice, through the improved Kinect voice command. I’m not sure if I’ll bother to get one at launch or wait until spring 2014, or what.

As for Mass Deduction, it’ll continue on in some form. XBLIGs might keep coming out for a while yet, there are a lot of people who know XNA and C# and will continue to use it. It’s probably the lowest-cost console game development option, especially one that’s tied to a distribution service on a popular system, and will likely remain that way. But at some point the releases will slow to a trickle, and… well, I honestly don’t know what happens then. It’s not my intention to start doing reviews for other systems (not even the Xbox One) at this time. After daily reviews of XBLIGs, every day for nearly three years, and in my spare time no less, I’ll be ready for something different when the time comes.

But WMD will continue on. I’ll probably aim to continue with daily content, but keep it more diverse. Think “Dubious Quality” (a blog that I enjoy) for an example of a gaming (mostly) blog with diverse content. There are a lot of other things I could have written, both gaming-related and not, had I not had to come up with a review each day for 1000 days.

So, any suggestions for what that 1000th review should be? Sound off in the comments with that, or any other thoughts about the 1000th review coming up in less than a week. And a big thank you to those who’ve been reading me for so long, and an even bigger thank you for those who take the time to comment. I read every one, and reply to those I have time to respond to. There have been 766 comments thus far, many from Alan C., David Loves Sandy, Andregurov, and a few other prolific commenters past and present, and every one is deeply appreciated. Thank you all. Without those comments, I might fear that I was just shouting into the wind.

  1. Dugan says:

    Hi – couldnt see how to email direct, but if you would like a code for our XBLIG cats-in-submarines-mining-milk shooter “Aqua Kitty” let me know and I can send one over.

    • Feel free to send me an email at steven . hurdle @ gmail . com if you’re so inclined, but I’d encourage you to post about it in the Announcements tab on the website too! You can announce previously released games, I don’t think any of our readers will mind. :)

  2. andregurov says:

    Congratulations! 1000 reviews is a massive library and resource to reflect on, and quite an accomplishment. Perhaps #1000 is a good time to reflect on a top games list, or a chance to talk about games you’ve played that DIDN’T make the list? Or maybe it is time for you to look back and figure out how much time you’ve spent gaming with XBLIG titles. I’m guessing that would be a scary-large number! ; )

  3. DLMayday says:

    1000? HOLY CHIT MAN!!! I cannot believe you are on the edge of such a grand number. I started reading after you had over a full year and this is just a place I stop in every single day to read a review of a game that is more than likely something I missed completely or something I remember seeing but never went back to.

    andregurov got some good ideas for the 1000 review but I’m old school. I think you should do a review on par with all your others and not change from format. Maybe on that day you should put out another blog of some of the things andregurov mentioned.

    I mentioned several times how much you spent on these games. Even if (and I know it’s not a fact) all the games you bought were 80 pts then that will be $1000 USD when you get there. So just guessing we could say you will have dropped well over $1500 USD worth points just on XBLIG.

    Hey thanks for the mention as well I really enjoy reading and commenting. Actually will be a sad day when it does all end. This almost feels like we are putting it in the old folks home and just waiting on that day. :(

  4. Tim Hurley says:

    An early congrats on reaching 1000! That’s a pretty impressive… no, wait, insane number of XBLIG to have played. :) The quality of the games is up and down, agreed, and the future is always cloudy, though it’s always a good thing -overall- when indies get a mention.

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