Day 997: S.D.G.T

Posted: 2013/08/03 in Indie Games

As I have spent these last three years searching for hidden gems, there are games that I’ve discovered where I completely understand why it’s remained hidden. It’s a good game that’s not for everyone, or a game with great gameplay with rough presentation, or it’s a niche genre perhaps. Then there are games that befuddle me why everyone isn’t crowing about it from the hills. “S.D.G.T” is one such game.

The game tasks you with defending an installation during 64 days of attacks. You start with two weapons, but you can both add to the number and upgrade them. Decide you need to go down a different upgrade path? No problem, just trade-in your weapon for store credit in the game’s in-game store.

You may mistake “S.D.G.T” for tower defence, but it’s not really (or at least not how most people think of that). Enemies come at you pretty much however they please, there are no paths here. And all your weapons can be used on any enemy you wish. For those who hate the limitations of tower defence strategy game, this does away with those and, given it only costs 80 Microsoft Points, is well worth a look for those who love action/strategy mash-ups.

Here’s what the developer (K2-Games) has to say about the game:

“S.D.G.T is a strategic take on the space shooter genre that combines chaotically firing up to seven weapons at once with a myriad of talent tree styled upgrade decisions. Not for the feint hearted!”


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