Day 998: Path of King Arthur

Posted: 2013/08/04 in Indie Games

Imagine if you made a game where the player was walking around and solving puzzles, like in a classic 2D Zelda. Now imagine that you can spawn units, a bit like tower defence except you’re on the side of the offence. Of course, there’s a long list of units you can create, but you have to play through the levels to unlock them all. Now throw in enemy generators that remind me of Gauntlet. “Path of King Arthur” has all this and more.

The game has some humour, and (despite a few presentation elements that are a little rough about the edges) is well worth a trial, if not 80 Microsoft Points, due to its innovative elements.

Here’s what the developer (Point Hit Games) has to say about the game:

“Build up your army and guide King Arthur through Camelot! A mix of Tower Defense, Action and Strategy, Path of King Arthur contains all of your favorite Camelotia characters, and some of your least favorite, too!”

  1. Cameron says:

    Thank for the comments. Your summary is much better than my own ;)

    • Thanks for making the game, I’m always awed by how much work it must be to create a fully functioning game from scratch, let alone a good one!

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