Day 1001: Learn Indo European Language

Posted: 2013/08/07 in Indie Games

I don’t often review non-games XBLIG releases, but I do love me an 80 Microsoft Point language learning tool so I do review them when I trip across a good one. If the app offers both traditional text lessons (broken down into categories, useful for the traveller who just wants a few basic elements before a trip), while also offering audio over my home theatre system, then all the better. And if it happens to come with four included languages, then the value just went stratospheric. That’s where “Learn Indo European Language” now sits, a no-brainer purchase for anyone interested in this kind of app. The app also has three levels for each of the three languages too.

But whereas you might have paid 80 MSP individually for “Learn Basic Italian”, “Learn Basic French”, a href=””>”German 101″, and “Spanish 101”, here you get all four in one 80 point package. And it’s from the developer of the “Learn Basic…” games, too. So, this is the definitive title for Italian and French. For German and Spanish, those are from a different developer and worth trying the trials for both before purchase.

Those of you looking for a different language than the four listed here, there’s always “Let’s Learn Japanese: Beginner”.

Here’s what the developer (phantomgames) has to say about the game:

“Free Language Tutorials: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar in 4 Languages”


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