Day 1004: Avatar Rumble

Posted: 2013/08/10 in Indie Games

I was a big fan of “Power Stone” on the Dreamcast, and I find I like a fast, simple beat-’em-up every now and then. “Virtua Fighter” has its place, but games like “Avatar Rumble” rub me the right way and fill a different urge.

The game is definitely more “Power Stone”, or “Smash Bros”, and that’s OK by me. I like the imaginative backdrops (including planes in flight!), and fighting as your avatar is fun. It’s worth a download for those who like simple, fast, and furious fighters. There is some depth here in that there are four fighting styles to choose from, and they do vary quite a bit, but you won’t mistake it for Tekken. It’s a fun, fast, and simple 80 Microsoft Point venture, that supports local multiplayer for up to 4 people.

Here’s what the developer (Ho-Hum Games) has to say about the game:

“Grab a friend (or three!) and do battle with your Avatars on soaring planes, city rooftops and more!”


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