Day 1005: “Magnetic By Nature: Awakening”

Posted: 2013/08/11 in Indie Games

I suppose the art style of this game will invite comparisons to Limbo, but the first games that come to my mind arethe Amiga classics “Out Of This World”/”Another World”/”Flashback” (which, yes, were later ported to almost every platform under the sun, of their day). “Magnetic By Nature: Awakening” is a platformer with great presentation, an impulse buy-friendly 80 Microsoft Point price tag, and tasks you with using magnetic powers to move yourself around the level by attracting, repelling, and launching yourself. The game has three dozen levels, complete with reasonably varied art, and gameplay that (once you’re used to the rather different controls) is tight.

This is another game created by post-secondary students, like “RAD Infinitum”, “Avatar Trials: Ninja Uprising”, “Mr. Gravity”, “Curse Of Shadows”, “Ultraviolet”, “Hoardzz”, “The Last Pod Fighter”, and “Minions!” to name those that I’ve reviewed. Many, though not all, were done at the University of Utah. And I think it’s crazy cool that the Xbox Live Indie Games platform allowed them to do game console development, complete a distribution system. Always nice when you can actually earn money from your school project!

Here’s what the developer (Tripleslash Studios) has to say about the game:

“Wield the power of magnetism on a journey through a forgotten utopia in this captivating puzzle-platformer. Utilizing magnets, attract, repel, and launch yourself through 36 levels while avoiding dangerous, robot-crunching obstacles.”


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