Day 1006: Mini Wizards

Posted: 2013/08/12 in Indie Games

From the developer of “Toy Stunt Bike”, “Vampire Slayer FPS”, and “Toy Stunt Bike 2”, comes “Mini Wizards”. And it’s pretty darn good.

Astute readers of this blog may have noted that I am fascinated by miniature things. Who can say why? But the proliferation of “Miniature World”-style attractions, the past popularity of Micro Machines toys, and video games that look at things on a miniature level all suggest I am not alone.

Though I did play RC Pro Am a little bit on a friend’s Game Boy, my first real miniature-style game was “Toy Commander” on the Dreamcast. I loved it. I loved everything about it (aside from the somewhat broken flight model of the toy planes). “Mini Wizards” shares a lot of presentation similarities, with you racing around a house. But instead of you racing and fighting toy vehicles, you’re controlling a miniature humanoid that rides a broom and fights with a wand in third-person combat.

It controls well, it looks good, comes from a developer with a good pedigree, and costs 80 Microsoft Points. Definitely worth a download if you’re like me and love exploring real world locations in a miniature form.

Here’s what the developer (Raoghard) has to say about the game:

“Miniaturize your Xbox Live Avatar and battle against other Mini Wizards in this spell casting action game. Includes LIVE multiplayer and single player survival mode with global scoreboard.”


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