Day 1009: Planetary Shield

Posted: 2013/08/15 in Indie Games

This was a pleasant surprise. “Planetary Shield” plays a bit like Bust-A-Move… if Bust-A-Move had been firing bullets instead of balls. You shoot at asteroids (and ships, and power-ups), trying to see how many you can hit with one shot (using a mechanic that’ll be familiar to anyone who’s ever operated a slingshot).

It’s a fun 80 Microsoft Point game that has you chaining combos, grabbing power-ups, trying to shoot down spaceships, and generally having a frantic good time. As a bonus, the languages supported appear to be English and the Castillian dialect of Spanish? Interesting.

Here’s what the developer (Axouxere Games) has to say about the game:

“Planetary Shield is a game of skill in which you have to destroy all the meteorites before they impact on Earth, and yet manage to cover and drive rescue ships fleeing from Earth. Your armament is a ball of energy generated between two satellites. You can also get items that give you the advantages needed for the most difficult moments.”


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