Day 1010: Lootfest2

Posted: 2013/08/16 in Indie Games

“1010” isn’t only the designation of the first external hard drive ever released for the Amiga 1000 back in the mid-’80s, it’s also the number of consecutive reviews as of today!

“Lootfest”, a pseudo-3D adventure that used voxel-style graphics. “Lootfest: Live Design” was a massive upgrade, that turned the entire game into a massive construction kit. “Lootfest2” is a sequel to “Live Design”, adding a tonne of new… everything. More missions, monsters, weapons, etc. Returning features include split-screen and online multiplayer (including drop-in and drop-out) for up to four players.

It’s an easy recommendation for “Live Design” fans for another 80 Microsoft Points. Oddly, the game also includes a 2D side-scrolling platformer. But you’re really here for the Minecraft-meets-3D-Dot-Heroes gameplay.

Here’s what the developer (Gamefarm) has to say about the game:

“Lootfest is back for everyone who loves classic adventure games. With more monsters, weapons, missions and of course – more loot! Explore a large world with your friends, using an easy drop-in multiplayer. Any combination of split screen and online gameplay is supported.”


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