Day 1013: Bug Zapper

Posted: 2013/08/19 in Indie Games

Now here’s an example of a developer committing to a concept unabashedly, and without irony. “Bug Zapper” has you playing the role of an insect super hero, trying to stop bugs from flying “into the light” of the bug zapper. Your job is to help those who can’t help themselves, and how else are you going to do it other than by getting in their way and subduing them by any means necessary.

The developer could have been forgiven if they stopped there, it would play a bit like the classic video game “Joust” crossed with the “A Bug’s Life” film licence. But the developer took the concept further, with bunch of different weapons/power-ups, each with multiple levels of upgrading each. Now that’s commitment to an idea. Be careful when doing “throws” of bugs you’re saving, as you can throw them right into the bug zapper if you’re not careful. Ditto if you’re punching a bug (non-lethally) into submission.

Tack on four person local multiplayer, and you have something well worth its 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (skelman) has to say about the game:

“Go big or buzz home! Bug Zapper is the adventure of Skeeter, the mosquito, as he defends his fellow bugs from the unstoppable lure of the Bug Zapper. Punch and throw Bugs to their safety with up to 4 local players! Upgrade your Bug with special abilities, speed and strength to stop every bug from getting Zapped!”


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