Day 1014: The Blitz

Posted: 2013/08/20 in Indie Games

I was a huge fan of “Atlantis” on the Mattel Intellivision console. “Atlantis” was an early (what we’d call today) “third-party” game: it was released by Imagic for Mattel’s system, in an era where that was discouraged. “The Blitz” is like Atlantis in reverse: instead of protecting your city from a never-ending enemy bombing raid, you’re now the bomber trying to take out the city. As you advance through the levels, the cities get wider (meaning there’s more to take out) and taller (giving you fewer passes over the city before you hit a building, if you fail to take out the tallest buildings first).

I love the art style, and it’s well worth its 80 Microsoft Points for those with a hankering of classic gameplay with a twist. It comes to us from X35m, the publisher of an earlier title by James Watton, who famously didn’t want you to buy his game. That game was “PuzzleLights”.

Here’s what the developer (x35mm) has to say about the game:

“1920 and the city is in sight. Drop your bombs to level the city and then move onto the next. Unlimited levels – see how far you can go! Authentic 1920 jazz soundtrack – immerse yourself in the time period! Stunning visual style – relax and enjoy the sights!”


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