Day 1016: Zombie Estate 2

Posted: 2013/08/23 in Indie Games

Now this will be an easy review. “Zombie Estate 2” is the sequel to the venerable “Zombie Estate”, a game I reviewed on Day 174… yes, a game I reviewed 842 reviews ago. Crazy, right? I think that’s the longest number of reviews between sequels installments in a series on the entire site, actually. At a point where I was avoiding zombie games like the plague, Zombie Estate 1 was one of the *very* few that made the cut.

“Zombie Estate 2” takes the original, and boosts it with tonnes more weapons, tonnes more characters, more levels (some with greater degrees of three-dimensionality than seen in the first game, and even unlockable hats that, when equipped, alter your character’s stats.

Like with the first game, I have best results with distance weapons (bow and arrow FTW!), but there are 30 characters and over 85 weapons to choose from in case you roll in a different way.

What’s that? You never played the original game, and have no idea how it plays? What’s wrong with you, get on it! It’s an isometric perspective 2D game where you shoot zombies. Others have done it before, and others have done it since, but I’m not sure anyone’s done it better. 80 Microsoft Points of “go download it now!”

Here’s what the developer (JeremyVerchick48) has to say about the game:

“Sequel to one of the top rated XBLIGs, Zombie Estate 2 is finally here! Includes over 85 weapons, 30 characters, each with unique stats and starting weapons, 4 levels, 14 enemy types, and 30 unlockable hats that alter your character’s stats! Play the new unlimited wave mode to see how long you can survive in Zombie Estate 2!”


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