Day 1019: Droppin’ Ballz

Posted: 2013/08/26 in Indie Games

Warning, the below video is boring as sin. *BUT*, you’re going to want to read on anyway. Trust me on this one.

For a second day in a row, I’m reviewing a game from about a year and a half ago. Today’s is “Droppin’ Ballz”, and it’s a conundrum, wrapped up in a mystery, wrapped up in an enigma. First, play the video above, and prepare to be bored out of your mind.

Now, imagine it playing out much faster, with a paint factory throwing up all over the screen.

That’s the thing about this game. The default settings are snooze city, but you have multiple difficulty levels that let you play the game at much faster (and more exciting speeds), as well as the aforementioned (“Am I on acid?”) optional mode. That’s where it gets interesting. Think of it like Frogger, except there’s no other side to get to, as the game keeps going and going, with you dodging and weaving from platform to platform, trying not to fall into the abyss. Because, there are water creatures down there (just ask James Cameron). It’s a game where you can “get in the zone” and just play for ages (kind of like “Columns” on the Sega Genesis, which I would play up to such a high difficulty level that I had to make moves entirely on instinct in a zen-like mode, I couldn’t possibly think about what I was doing fast enough).

It costs 80 Micros… oh, wait, the Dashboard update just came in. It costs $1 Canadian. It may cost something different where you are. Damn. Love them or hate them, Microsoft Points did make it easy for websites to communicate the price of an item! That’s what Microsoft Points were about to me. Not that I mind, so much, that I can now use that credit on my Windows Phone 8 handset too, though. That’s kind of cool, I guess.

Here’s what the developer (He-3 Software) has to say about the game:

“Play solo in two different modes and master up to three difficulties in Droppin’ Ballz. Test your concentration in Fever mode and try not to fall for the many distractions that will hinder your progress or simple enjoy a simple game of classic while listening to the custom made soundtrack. Droppin’ Ballz is an excellent game for all ages.”

  1. natec666 says:

    “droppin’ ballz” hehehe

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