Day 1021: Bible Trivia

Posted: 2013/08/27 in Indie Games

I’m not a Christian (I’m an agnostic), but I know a fair bit about Christianity. Heck, some of my Christian friends cite that as the reason that I’m not Christian (I spend too much time trying to understand it, and too little time appreciating it; the forest for the trees scenario, I suppose). Be that as it may, this is still an interesting effort “Bible Trivia” does what it says out to do, prompting you to answer multiple choice trivia questions, peppered with occasional mini-games. It’s an interesting effort for 80… dang it, $1 CAD/USD (and presumably something close to that in your local currency).

Hey, bible trivia’s at least as legit as movie trivia, of which there’s been an XBLIG release. I’m a firm believer that this site’s goal is to identify hidden gems, and this is one that some people are definitely going to enjoy.

Here’s what the developer (DualOpAmp29) has to say about the game:

“Test your knowledge of the Bible with hundreds of trivia questions from the Old Testament and the New Testament. Easy and hard levels to choose from. Bonus mini-games are awarded after every round of 25 questions. Great for Bible study or family entertainment.”

  1. I don’t think knowing about Christianity is keeping you from seeing the forest or trees or whatever as I’d like to think I know about it.

    I dl’d another regular trivia game like that and had fun, though. two-player was great.

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