Day 1022: Running With Scissors

Posted: 2013/08/28 in Indie Games

I have a soft-spot for quick-time events, AKA QTEs. I was there at the dawn of them, when they were coined by the developers behind Dreamcast classic Shenmue (a game that utlised them sporadically). QTEs are divisive in the gaming community, with classics like Shenmue and recent hits like “Heavy Rain” using them to good effect, and others doing so to less good effect.

“Running With Scissors” uses it to good effect in my opinion, blending forced-running gameplay (a venerable genre that dates back *at least* to the 1983 classic “B.C. Quest for Tires”, with macabre humour (even a single mix-up leads to a tragic accident for our scissors-wielding protagonist). Interestingly, the game not only has you pressing buttons in time, but also pressing any button *but* the given one if it’s surrounded by a circle with a line through it. It’s more forgiving than your typical rhythm or forced running game, as you only need to hit (or not hit) the button before your character reaches the sign holding it, which I also appreciate.

There’s nothing here that will impress the die-hard QTE hater, but there’s lots to like for the forced-runner fan here (multiple levels/backdrops, unlockable outfits for your protagonist, and more). Formerly 80 Microsoft Points, it’s not $1 (or something similar in your local currency… I may never get over Microsoft Points being retired).

It comes to us from “Utopioneer Games”, who you may know from games like “Spanish 101”, “German 101”, “Vocabulary Builder”, (the super unusual) “Call Me”, and other games like “Bingo”, “Word Search”, and the “Hack This Game Collection”.

Here’s what “Utopioneer Games” has to say about the game:

“Don’t run with scissors! But if you do, be careful and press all the right buttons at the right time. Because if you don’t…well just hope that you do.”

  1. Nice read, it does look simple, but fun and I do enjoy a good rhythm game. We are also in the process of creating our first indie game.

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