Day 1023: Orbit Craze

Posted: 2013/08/29 in Indie Games

More like solving a Rubik’s cube than Hexic, “Orbit Craze” has you racing to move coloured planets around until all the colours are in a straight line away from the centre.

Interestingly, in addition to singleplayer, it has online multiplayer for up to 10 simultaneous opponents, to see who can rearrange them first. It’s worth $1 (formerly 80 Microsoft Points) for fans of devilish puzzlers like the Rubik’s cube, perhaps less so for people who like fast and frantic action (i.e. Sega’s “Columns” on a high difficulty level).

Here’s what the developer (ReyGames) has to say about the game:

“Orbit Craze is an out of this universe, color coding brain warp. Race opponents and the clock to align your planets first. Play at any level and increase your speed. Be ready to get sucked into another dimension.”


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