Day 1024: Plasma Spheres

Posted: 2013/08/30 in Indie Games

Time to delve *deep* into the indie games catalogue looking for hidden gems today; November 2008, to be precise! Borrowing a trick or two from “CarneyVale Showtime”, we have here a puzzle game that involves flinging things around. And then it becomes something totally different. Let me explain.

“Plasma Spheres” starts off as a nice, singleplayer puzzler. Nothing wrong with that. You work your way through the levels, collect objects, and grab “pulselings” that you throw at transporters to save using the game’s physics engine to your advantage (hence the Carneyvale reference).

But then you delve deeper and discover multiplayer battle modes, both offline and on, for up to four players to battle each other, and it’s like an entirely new game. Easily worth the $1 (or whatever it is where you live) price of admission. It comes to us from the developer of “Coral’s Curse”, and it’s good stuff.

Here’s what the developer (Abnormal Software) has to say about the game:

“Plasma Spheres v1.1 is a retro arcade game where players navigate a bouncing sphere through a bizarre world. In the campaign, players carefully navigate dangerous obstacles in each level to rescue the helpless pulselings. In battle mode, a myriad of weapons, items, and objectives make for a wide array of multiplayer fun. A full physics engine makes every match unpredictable.”


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