Day 1025: Plasma Spheres 2

Posted: 2013/08/31 in Indie Games

“Wait,” you say. I’ve been reading WMD a long time, and I don’t see you review sequels in back to back days… what’s up with that? Well, what’s up with that is that whereas “Plasma Spheres” was a slower and more soulful pure puzzler in its singleplayer, “Plasma Spheres 2” adopts the chaotic elements of the first game’s battle mode for its singleplayer mode, and turns it more into a shooter. Unlike most sequels I review, fans of the first won’t necessarily like the second, and critics of the first might find a lot to like in the second. Kind of like a Fable game, except in reverse. “Plasma Spheres 2” is more along the lines of something radianGames might have made (sand the neon).

The physics engine is still here, though, and all the fun that can entail for those who like to see how physics engines can be exploited, and the singleplayer now has piles of enemies that weren’t formerly present, to go along with the more chaotic feel. The multiplayer modes returns, both offline and online, and haven’t been neglected, with more power-ups, objectives, and threats than before. Well worth a dollar (or a few pence, or whatever 80 Microsoft Points used to cost you).

Here’s what the developer (Abnormal Software) has to say about the game:

“Plasma Spheres 2 is a retro arcade game where players navigate a bouncing sphere through a bizarre world. In the campaign, players must collect items and experience to survive waves of diverse enemies including Zombies, Pirates, and Ninjas. In battle mode, a myriad of weapons, items, and objectives make for a wide array of multiplayer fun. A full physics engine makes every match unpredictable.”


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