Day 1028: League of Planets

Posted: 2013/09/03 in Indie Games

There’s a key piece of information I lack when doing a review, and that is how recently each individual reader has played a game from a given genre. If I find another great dual-stick shooter, do I assume that WMD’s readers or sick of them, or do I review it because it’s a quality entry into the genre and some of our readers must not have played one for a while? I usually err on the latter, and here I find myself reviewing a side-scrolling 2D shooter that elevates itself in surprising ways. That game is “League of Planets”.

Firstly, let’s get out of the way how it *doesn’t* distinguish itself. It’s short, and not particularly deep.. Then why is it worth of review? Especially when the game’s first screenshot looks like a reimagining of cult 1960s film “Fantastic Voyage” in MS Paint? It’s because, as bad as the still shots look, the game actually looks good in motion, and the bosses are particularly nicely rendered. It’s because the game dispenses with the one-hit-death trope for your ship that makes the genre inaccessible to anyone but the hardcore, it’s because it gives you a bunch of different characters to play as that actually have a bit of personality, it’s because it looks like a lost Atari Jaguar game (which warms my cockles, whatever they are), and it’s because the opening scene (and, I’m told, the ending, though I haven’t reached it yet) are full of deliberately campy B-movie humour. If you sound like the target audience for this, get downloading! If you’re like me, you must have some currency in your Microsoft Account that is equal to, or greater than, what 80 Microsoft Points was previously worth (over $200 in my case, thanks to a sale on Microsoft Points so good that I bought what’s proven to be about a two-year’s supply!).

Here’s what the developer (BM Games) has to say about the game:

“The Emperor Wharg III has invaded the galaxy. Survivors of all the resistances of all planets are joined under the command of the great commander, Lucente. Lucente has created a rebellion force named the league of planets, an army to fight and take back all the planets of the Galaxy.”


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