Day 1031: Pushmasters

Posted: 2013/09/06 in Indie Games

Clocking in at a mere 5MB, this may be one of the smallest Xbox 360 games worth owning. And boy, is it worth owning. It’s a quirky and cool game with both solo and co-op play. Go buy it.

What? You want more? Demanding lot, aren’t you? OK, I can handle that… “Pushmasters” tasks you with pushing zombies off of a series of platforms (among other places). The fun comes from the personality of the each of the four survivors you have to choose from, and the special abilities each wields. It’s hard not to love the game, and pushing them off the roof is a different take on zombie combat that’s hard not to get behind. Try it, I think you’ll find it a true hidden gem that has to be played to be believed.

Oddly, this game is listed as being 80 Microsoft Points still, at least for me. Weird.

Here’s what the developer (BitMaverick) has to say about the game:

“The world is in smolders. Chaos is everywhere! What are these globby green gremlins of grime? Join Bob, Slice T, Cat Lady, and Sushi as they push zombies off rooftops to survive in this quirky, addicting action arcade game. Four player co-op supported!”


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