Day 1032: Mahjong Moves

Posted: 2013/09/07 in Indie Games

There are some games like “go” and “mahjong” that don’t need to be reinvented with tonnes of new features. They merely need to be done competently, with the requisite options, and nice presentation. So it is with “Mahjong Moves”, with brings an impressive array of levels and tile-sets (including one that’s made up of world flags… Sheldon Cooper would approve!). It’s inexpensive (formerly worth 80 Microsoft Points), looks good, plays well, has over 100 levels (including a level editor for you to create your own), and happens to also be your only choice on the Xbox 360 for mahjong. It’s even received post-release support. Well worth snagging.

Here’s what the developer (ElvishJumpSuit) has to say about the game:

“The classic Chinese ‘takeaway’ puzzle is a 4 STAR HIT* on XBOX and now we’ve UPDATED it. 18 tile sets, 100 challenging layouts and a layout editor to create your own layouts. * As this update is being submitted, Mahjong Moves is ‘top selling today’ puzzle in 7 Indie Game zones (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) and averaging Four Stars where data is available (28th May 2013)”


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