Day 1033: A-Band

Posted: 2013/09/08 in Indie Games

Originally 240 Microsoft Points, then 80 Microsoft Points, and now some amount of currency that previously equalled 80 Microsoft Points, we have “A-Band”. It was a good deal at its original (approx. $3) price, and it’s a great deal at $1 (give or take).

As the name suggests, it’s an indie rhythm game, but (perhaps appropriately) it’s focused on indie rock music. Two great things that go great together, I’d argue.

It has a drum teaching mode, a freestyle play mode, and an arcade mode (that would be the “campaign” mode in most games). There’s a lot here, and easily recommendable for fans of indie rock and fans of rhythm games.

Here’s what the developer (Flammable Games) has to say about the game:

“Unleash your inner drummer with A-Band. The Arcade mode features 12 of the most promising indie bands from around the world: USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Brazil… and much more. Learn real drumming in School of Rock and playback your own creations at the Record Studio. Plug your drum kit in and CRANK IT UP! A-Band is the ultimate way for pros and beginners to jam on Xbox360.”


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