Day 1034: Auxillium Magi

Posted: 2013/09/09 in Indie Games

This game reminds me of an obscure Commodore 64 game, played in reverse. That obscure game was “Star Post”, what we would call a “first party” release these days (meaning, it was actually published by Commodore), I played it on a cartridge (a relative rarity since the C64 was a computer system, not a game console). It was a game where you were fixed in the middle of the screen, having to shoot at objects coming at you from several different directions.

“Auxillium Magi” does a surprisingly good job with a simple concept. You stay in the middle of the screen (ala “Star Post”), but you are entirely on the defensive (the reverse of “Star Post”). You use one stick to block incoming fire, the other to block incoming ice, and both to block fiery ice. There are items that you want to not block, and magic you’ll want to dodge that will freeze your ability to aim your defensive shields. Most interestingly of all, there are boss fights where you have to bounce fire and ice back at the enemy.

I’m that guy who kept playing Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved until I got the “Pacifism” achievement (playing 60 seconds of the game without firing a shot). I’m that guy who enjoyed “Prisoner of War” on the original Xbox (also released on PC and PS2, I believe) where you’re trying to escape, weaponless, from a series of POW camps in WWII. I’m all for a game that creatively lets you play on the defensive, weaponless and vulnerable unless you can hide/block/otherwise defend yourself. The game has appropriately retro early-’80s music, and humourous cut-scenes (that, like all humour is in the eye of the beholder). Definitely worth a download if the idea of a game where you’re not a gun-toting homicidal maniac appeals to you. Costs something similar to what 80 Microsoft Points used to in your local currency.

For interest, here’s a video of “Star Post”:

Hey, this was pretty impressive in 1983! Don’t judge me.

Here’s what the developer (Michael C. A. Patoine) has to say about the game:

“Unite the forces of Fire and Ice to repel incoming magic attacks! Help Ice Mage Zaganos and Fire Mage Aruna complete their missions while defending the construction of the Sky City. Play through the story or compete against a friend in this fast-paced center-defence game.”


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