Day 1035: Red Invasion: Tower Defense

Posted: 2013/09/10 in Indie Games

Coming to us from ]“Milkstone”, which has such a large number of games that I’ve reviewed I’ve actually long since lost count, comes “Red Invasion: Tower Defense”. With a motif that looks a bit like a tower defence re-imagining of Command & Conquer, “Red Invasion: Tower Defense” does some interesting things I haven’t seen before.

The most innovative thing in the game is the ability to speed up play, if you’ve placed all your towers and spent all your resources and are waiting to see it play out, you have the option of going through the results more quickly: a nice touch! There are lots of different turret types, upgrade levels, and other things you’d expect from a tower defence game, but the game has a more strategic bent than most (complete with main objectives, plus secondary objectives), meaning it’s not just your normal survival objective. The game looks, sounds, and controls well, and costs the traditional Milkstone price of $1 (give or take in local currency).

Here’s what the developer (Milkstone Studios S.L.) has to say about the game:

“Tower Defense at its finest! Protect your base by placing turrets and destroy incoming enemy forces! Use your resources wisely to achieve victory! Includes 8 different turret types, such as the antitank cannon, the gatling or the radar. Red Invasion: Tower Defense is an indie game brought to you by Milkstone Studios.”


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